A World of Fire and Steel

The world of Aeran-azur is a war-torn place where vast stretches of unexplored land are dotted with bastions of civilization known as Citadels. Much of its history is lost, erased in a cataclysm hundreds of years ago that no one remembers. The Citadels exist as the seats of human civilization, thriving and advancing under the vigilant administration of the Architects: an organization devoted to exploring the true potential of mankind and dedicated to the worship of the self.

A Life of Blood and Gears

The people of the Citadels are stalwart and industrious, increasing their understanding of chemistry, medicine, and engineering day by day. The Citadels themselves are testaments to the human spirit. Hundreds of feet tall and encased in iron and stone, the Citadels are home to millions who live, breed, and die in a steam-filled cocoon of willful ignorance. The Architects continue to guide humanity towards some grand purpose, but that purpose remains unknown to the masses. Beneath the steam tunnels and gaslit roadways, an insurrection is mounting.

A Battle of Steam and Sorcery

Magic has returned to Aeran-azur, after eons of dormancy, and the Magisters who practice these ancient, forbidden arts stand directly opposed to the static, codified ways of the Architects. Unwilling to be slaves to a government whose motivations cannot be determined, the Magisters gather in the shadows and strike at the heart of the Architects. A line is being drawn in the Citadels… which side will you choose?

Throne of Twilight