Mana is the inner reserve of spiritual energy within a person. Channelers, gifted individuals with an in-born talent for manipulating their Mana into spectacular mystical effects, draw upon their reserves to work their spells. Other people, however, still harbor an inner fire of their own and possess a limited means of tapping into that power.

Non-channelers may draw upon their Mana at any time as a reflexive action, adding a bonus to their next roll equal to double their Potence value. They may also invoke this ability after the roll has been made, but only add their Potence value to the result when doing so. A non-channeler may spend only a single point of Mana per turn and they recover half their Essence score (minimum 1) each night after resting.

Channelers do not possess the ability to tap into their Mana in this way. Instead, they possess the potent gift of Magic itself. Channelers regain 1 point of Mana per hour, regardless of activity, and fully refresh their Mana reserves with a full night’s rest. Because of their connection to Mana, however, channelers suffer a -2 penalty on all physical actions when their Mana reserve drops below half their Essence score due to the fatigue of funneling their personal energies. Should a channeler’s Mana reserves drop to 0, the penalty increases to -5 and it applies to mental actions as well until the channeler gains at least a single Mana point.


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