Skills and Talents


In the Everstar System, skills represent a character’s training and knowledge in certain fields. The number of skills a character possesses is based on a combination of two factors: the character’s caste and his Intellect score. While a character’s core and derivative statistics determine the raw potential a character has for certain types of tasks, skills provide reliable, static bonuses to checks where appropriate. A character begins play with a number of skill points equal to his Intellect score plus the base skills for his caste (see below). Certain skills (marked with a *) require specialized training and are thus not available to characters who do not have the skill already provided by their caste package during character generation. These skills can be learned by other castes, however, at double the usual experience cost.

Physical Skills Social Skills Mental Skills
Athletics Diplomacy Appraise
Acrobatics* Disguise Civics
Brawling Empathy Engineering*
Melee Fast-Talk Logic
Pilot* Gossip Medical
Projectile Intimidate Sorcery*
Stealth Performance* Survival


Talents reflect special abilities or specialized training that a character possesses that make him unique. A character’s role in a group is largely defined by the talents he chooses, so choosing Talents should be done carefully to ensure that the character is able to fulfill the role the player desires. A character begins play with a few Talents based on his caste and then selects two additional Talents at character generation to round out his abilities. Many Talents have core statistic requirements or certain levels of expertise in a skill listed as prerequisites. These requirements must be met by the character before the Talent can be bought.

Fate Talents Physical Talents Social Talents Mental Talents Mystical Talents

Skills and Talents

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